3/15/08 - Brick, Run, Swim

Was not planning on a brick but turns out that way. Did a nice easy run get through 3 miles in 30 min is what was called for, done. Then went into a Master swim, so first the run:
Run Stats:
Duration: 25.08
Distance: 3 miles
HR: 155/172
Pace: 8:20/7:19

Swim workout:

X Reps Dist. Set Discription Interval Total
1 1 600 Free Loosen 600
1 8 75 Choice - Drill/Swim by 25 @ 1:30 (:20) 600
1 8 100 Free - Pull B-4,5,6,7 by 25 Easy @ 1:40 (:15) 800
Total 2000
Main Set
1 6 100 Free - Build 1-3 W/FINS @ 1:45 (:20) 600
1 6 100 Choice - Skull/Swim by 25 RECOVERY @ 2:20 (:15) 600
1 16 50 IM - Build 1-4 (4xFly, 4xBack…) @ 1:15 (:15-:20) 800
1 8 50 Over/Under, W/Fins @ 1:10 (:15) 400
Total 2400
Breathing/Drill/Warm Down Sets
200 Easy 200
Total 200
Workout Total 4600

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By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Monday, March 17, 2008
At 8:01 AM


3/02/08 - Big BRICK, Bike then Run

Getting into the season and things start to get stepped up, I was not sure how I was going to do but an hour into the bike I was feeling pretty good. After and hour and 45 minutes, I was still feeling good so I was not so worried about my run, after the first 3.5 miles my thighs hurt but still was doing an 7:57 mile, so I was happy. I finished with a little over and 8:20 min. mile and completely sore and cramped up for the rest of the day. After a little stretching and having my wife massage my legs and calves things got better. So here it is,
Bike stats:
Duration: 1:45:49:5
Distance: 30 miles
HR: 138/152
Speed: 17.0/36.9 (weak)
Cadence: 68/81

Run stats:
Duration: 58:12.4
Distance: 7.1 miles
HR: 162/171
Pace: 8:20/7:03 (weak, stiff and tired at the end)

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By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Wednesday, March 5, 2008
At 8:18 AM


02/29/08 - Brick, Run then Bike

The good thing about leap years is that you get an extra day to train. Some see that as a bad thing others well it is a free day if you ask me. For me that is good since I was off for a couple weeks. So my calves are as tight as piano wire and was not sure I would get through 1 mile let alone 3.5 (I was shooting for 4) but got through the 3.5 then I jumped right into bike, here are the stats:
Duration: 27:19.0
Distance: 3.5
HR: 156/176
Pace: 7.47/6.31
Notes: Tired, tight and huffing

Duration: 25 min
Distance: 8 Miles
Pace: 19.1
Notes: just getting through, every once and a while you have days like this, mine was on a leap year 2008.

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By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Friday, February 29, 2008
At 7:54 AM


2/6/08 - Brick, Run, Bike

I was not planning on this being a brick session but it turned out that way because of time. the whole workout took around 1:15 and that was perfect. As I stated this week was a easy week but I really wanted to push it to see what was in my tank.
Running Stats:
Duration: 43:54.9
Distance: 5.9 miles
HR: 158/178
Pace: 7:24/6:15

Went right into cycling

Cycling stats:
Duration: 25:33.7
Distance: 1.5
HR: 131/138
Speed: 9.0/17.8

Not bad, felt pretty solid.

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By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Sunday, February 10, 2008
At 2:44 PM


1/21/08 - Brick

Here is an introduction to bricks told by Enrico Contolini from Beginner Triathlete.
ricks are a very important part of triathlon (and duathlon) training and they are sometimes overlooked. Bricks refer to training on two disciplines during the same workout, one after the other with minimal or no interruption in between, just as you would do in a race (I am sure you knew this). Usually when people talk about bricks they refer to a bike/run workout, but bricks could also refer to a swim/bike workout or to a run/bike workout (if you are training for a duathlon). These last two are often overlooked but still important to fit here and there in your training plan.

About a swim/bike brick: while you are swimming you will want to use your legs as little as possible or else you may have a hard time when you get on your bike before you start feeling comfortable. A swim/bike workout that simulates race conditions will help you minimize this problem. A couple of suggestions are to try and use your legs more (that is to kick more) during he last 50-100 yards of your swim to get more blood flowing to them. Also, start your bike portion using an easier gear than the one you plan on using during the main part of the race. This will give your legs a chance to get used to the new sport and accumulate less lactic acid than they would if you started from the beginning with a tough gear.

My workout consisted of a 2o mile bike and 1 mile run.
Average on the bike 18.5
and ran a 6:58 with temperatures in the high teens. My legs started to get tired and I could feel them cramping or wanting to cramp.


By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Friday, January 25, 2008
At 4:42 AM