Nascar coming to The Tour of Turkey

This is the most outrages piece of unsportsmanlike footage that you will ever watch. A ban for life should follow. Moving at 30+ mph and then through into a metal barrier could have killed Darril Impey. Theo Bos from Rabobank went out of his way from behind to grab Darril and toss him into the barier, the best thing was that there was a camera rolling and the commentator saw it unfold before it happened.


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01/14/09 - Run and Bike

So it is full on, into training we go, so did 7.5 miles on the tread started the usual 7.5 mph (8 min miles) then stepped it up with 10 min with a 4% incline same speed then back down and finished it with 7:28 miles. Felt good not that tired but really ramped it up at the end. The bike was on the trainer and it felt much better than the spin bike, did that for a hour, watched last years Ironman got me through it since it was 20 degrees out.

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On Friday, January 16, 2009
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01/06/09 - Run, Bike

So we are really in full swing, ran 7 miles on the tread, that is the worst but good for sprints and hills. I went for 54 min that is a 7:30 pace around, not great but not bad for and easy day, did some sprints at the end for a half mile at 10 mph. Went home and rested, ate and then biked 20 miles. Yes it was on a spin bike, I think I will do that this week then switch to the trainer and/or rollers. Over all it felt good to be in a routine again and think that I am a better position this year than were I was last year.
Swimming and lifting tomorrow, oh my watch had to get new batteries so i can't give great stats till I re-calibrate the foot pod.

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The Bursford Ultimate Bike

And you thought your gearing was big.
The Bursford Ultimate bike was designed and built using aerospace, aviation and F1 technology. The road version weighed less than 10 pounds and was a true one-piece monocoque. The top of the range Ultimate Bike was the 'Aurora' model which incorporated the latest technology available - including advanced hybrid bearings developed for Aerospace applications such as the Space shuttle.

Bruce died when he was involved in an collision with a van whilst out training on his bike. Breaking world records on his Ultimate Bicycle was his passion.

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On Monday, April 28, 2008
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3/13/08 - Swimming - Biking

Feeling more energetic now that the season is changing, spring is coming that means outside rides. So this was a swim and bike day, still wearing my Spidey suit for drag I am feeling pretty good in the water, my kick needs work I can feel it after a had run or bike that my legs are heavy need to get over that feeling.
So the swim was a nice easy get through the water swim:
400 yards warm up
25 min pull
800 kick
200 swim down

Bike stats:
Duration: 40 min
Distance: 11.5
HR: 132/165
Speed: 17.2/21.5
Cadence; 73/84

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On Monday, March 17, 2008
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3/16/08 - Biking, Sprint, TT workout

OK this was a tough build the lactic acid up in the muscles and get cranking workout. Started easy then built tough. If you don't already have this DVD go out and get it, Spinervals 23.0 Time Saver:
Short on Time? Train with 200 Athletes to these 30 minute workouts!

Workout A: Technique Workout B: Tempo/TT Workout C: Power/Sprint

Short on training time and have just 30 minutes to squeeze in an effective workout?!

Join Coach Troy Jacobson and 200 athletes from the Minnesota cycling community for a 30 minute 'Time Saver' workout, each designed to focus on a specific area of your fitness while saving TIME.

Workout 'A' - Technique: This 30 minute technique session includes one legged drill work and high cadence pedaling to maximize your leg speed and create better efficiency on the bike.

Workout 'B' - Tempo/Time Trial (TT): Challenge yourself to maintain your maximum output above your anaerobic threshold during a set of leg burning 90 second reps.

Workout 'C' - Sprint/Power: Develop explosive power output and sprinting speed with short bursts of maximum intensity.

This disk includes a short interview with 3-Time Tour De France Winner and cycling legend, Greg LeMond and an overview of Bicycle Maintenance with top bicycle mechanic, Kevin O'Connor.

I did workout B:
so we did a nice 5 min warm up that consisted of 30 sec on 30 sec off, big chain 15 back, then jumped into 7 90/90 that is on off at full speed 90 cadence. Finished by a 2 min rest, 3 min full all out at 80 cadence, then 2 min rest. Wiped out...

Tomorrow is a bike again since I moved my schedule around to swim with the masters team yesterday.


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3/02/08 - Big BRICK, Bike then Run

Getting into the season and things start to get stepped up, I was not sure how I was going to do but an hour into the bike I was feeling pretty good. After and hour and 45 minutes, I was still feeling good so I was not so worried about my run, after the first 3.5 miles my thighs hurt but still was doing an 7:57 mile, so I was happy. I finished with a little over and 8:20 min. mile and completely sore and cramped up for the rest of the day. After a little stretching and having my wife massage my legs and calves things got better. So here it is,
Bike stats:
Duration: 1:45:49:5
Distance: 30 miles
HR: 138/152
Speed: 17.0/36.9 (weak)
Cadence: 68/81

Run stats:
Duration: 58:12.4
Distance: 7.1 miles
HR: 162/171
Pace: 8:20/7:03 (weak, stiff and tired at the end)

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On Wednesday, March 5, 2008
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3/01/08 - Swim then Bike

So this was a nice workout, felt strong in the pool and on the bike. I put in more time in the pool but it felt good to do 3800 yards.
So here is the bike:
Warm up with 15 minutes of easy cycling.
Bike at an easy pace keeping your heart rate between Zone 1- Zone 3.
Cool down with 15 minutes of easy cycling.
Coach's Notes:
This is predominantly the long, slow distance workout and a major part of long course training.
Make sure to stay hydrated before, during, and after workouts.
Duration: 27:31.4
Distance: 8.1 miles
HR: 148/166
Speed: 17.7/29.8
Cadence: 74/85

400 yards: Warm up with 5 minutes of easy swimming.
Your Main set consists of 3900 yards:
Pull Set 100,200,300 yards
Kick Set 100,200,300 yards
Swim Set 100,200, 300 yards
2x150 Choice-Drill/Swim-w/fins, pst flgs on walls
4x100 pace
2x150 pull
200 warm down
After your main set, cool down with 5 minutes of easy swimming.
Coach's Notes:
This is a Power Swim. Perform various swim intervals and sets at Test Pace plus 10 seconds to Test Pace minus 5 seconds.
Recovery between sets is 1-2 minutes.
Recovery between interval reps is 20 to 30 seconds.
Except for Test Swim, recovery between intervals may be 1-2 minutes.

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1/27/08 - Biked - Dry land Swim

So I did not get to the pool, and decided to hit the bike for 14 miles in 45 min, it was a good pace and something that I needed to do. Then from there I did a 30 min dry land swim session so here it is again, did this about a week ago and I was sore in a good way the backs of my arms (triceps) and my full back.
arm-up: Complete on arm ergometer or rowing machine:
2 minute warm-up
Hard-easy ladder: 1 hard pull or cycle followed by 1 easy pull or cycle, then 2/2, 3/3, and so on up to 10 hard pulls and 10 easy pulls.
hen ladder back down from 10/10 to 1/1.
Finish this station with a 2 minute maximum effort, before moving on to the next station.
Cable work: Complete 15 repetitions for each of these three exercises, with minimal rest:
Straight arm cable pulldowns: use a bar for a handle - grab with both arms and pull from high (above shoulder height) to low (down to hips) without bending your arms.
Bent arm cable pushdowns: do the same exercise, except begin with elbows bent at 90 degrees, and straighten at bottom.
Standing cable rows: bring cable height down to bellybutton level - row into body, squeezing shoulder blades back.
Complete this cable circuit three times through, then move on to the third station.
Core work: Again, complete these three exercises as a 3x circuit with minimal rest (15 repetitions):
Superman: line in prone position on ground with all four limbs outstretched - lift all limbs off the ground, hold briefly, then return to starting position.
Bicycle crunches: start on back with one leg extended and one leg bent (both feet hover above the ground). Complete a crunch by flexing upper body up while bending the straight leg and straightening the bent leg. Return to starting position (that's one rep, complete 15 for both sides).
Mountain climber: in push-up position, bent right knee to touch left elbow, then left knee to touch right elbow (complete 15 to each side).
Leg Work: Finish with the last station - two lower body strengthening exercises. Complete both exercises as a 15 repetition circuit.
Cable kick forward: attach leg to cable apparatus - standing on one leg with the kicking leg straight, kick forward as if kicking soccer ball. Switch after 15 and complete 15 kicks for the opposite leg.
Cable kick back: again stand on one leg, but hinge forward at the waist and kick *behind*.
Same number of repetitions (15), but complete this circuit only 2x.
This workout will work many of the same muscles that are utilized while swimming, but remember, nothing can substitute for the feel and drag experienced in the water, so don't completely neglect the pool - just substitute a resistance training workout if you simply can't get a good swim time or need a change-up from the normal routine. The off-season is a great time for cross-training, so a weight training routine like the one outlined above is recommended, especially at this time of the training season.

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1/19/08 - Swimming and Biking

The workout was this:
Warm up with 5 minutes of easy swimming.
Main set consists of 1800 yards:
Build through from easy to hard pace (2 x 200)
Swim Test Pace. Kick alternative sides down link of pool fins. (1 x 800)
Optional Swim (2 x 300)
Then I did an optional free (3x200)
IM reverse order (3x200)
Cool Down with 5 minutes of easy swimming.
Coach's Notes:
Recovery between sets is 1-2 minutes.
Recovery between interval reps is 20 to 30 seconds.
Except for Test Swim, recovery between intervals may be 1-2 minutes.
Kick with fins is when you use fins to kick on one side, back or front, varying speed of legs. The focus of kicking with fins is to help with ankle flexibility and to help improve your leg power.

I really pushed it and wanted to see how I would feel after 45 min. The workout called for 45 easy to cover 10 miles. I did 10 miles in 33 min and finished up with 13.5 and I kept the average mph at 18.5. YEA

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On Sunday, January 20, 2008
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1/17/08 - Swim, Bike nice brick workout!

Swim then bike (trainer of course), it's cold and snow was the prediction for today. Started at 4:30 and headed to the pool, tough getting in at that hour but hey when you have a brick workout time is something you don't have a lot of. Anyway here it is:
Warm up with a 5 minute easy swim. - 400 yards it took a bit to get into the ryth
Main set is 2400 yards:
-Accelerate your swim the 2nd half of each repetition (4x100) - on the 1:40
-Accelerate your swim the 2nd half of each repetition (4x150) on the 1:50
-Accelerate your swim the 2nd half of each repetition (4x200) on the 3:10
-Accelerate your swim the 2nd half of each repetition (4x50) on the 1
-Swim of your choice except no Freestyle. (4x100) - breast then back
Cool down with 5 minutes of easy swimming.

The Active workout said this:
Warm up with 15 minutes of easy cycling.
Ride 10 miles at a speed that will total at 45 minutes. Stay in Zone 1- Zone 3 for majority of the ride.
At any point during your ride, peform the following twice: focus on raising your heart rate zone so that it's between Zone 3-Zone 4. While in Zone 3- Zone 4, continuously ride for 8 minutes. After the 8 minutes are up, return back to riding in Zone 1-Zone3.

So I forgo the warm up since I Just swam and did not do it easy I wanted to see how I was feeling so I got 10 miles done in 34:45 and felt good. I did do the later part of the cycle workout that helped me get to just under 35 min.
Tomorrow an hour+ run

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

So here we are, starting this blog! First thing that every triathlete must do is join USA Traithlon, not only does this help when going to races and getting discounts at races, but also help as a donation to the USA Traithlon group.

Another thing is make sure while training that you are careful, if you are training outside. My season was ended in early September because a motorist was trying to beat traffic and turned into me, running me over and totaling my brand new bike. Now you would think that all this would be simple, but Geico her car insurance is dragging their feet while my insurance company Aenta has been over the top helpful and accommodating to me injuries and personal therapy. To say that that little Gecko should feel what I felt as I was being drag is a understatement, it is a shame that even though the women who was driving the car, who feels awful and has plead guilty, Gieco has not done anything to make this right.
So things that you should always carry on you while biking or running, a iPhone and Road ID.

With that put behind us, here is what I did yesterday.
  • 62 min on a Trainer at 63/79, meaning my average was 63 and my highest was 79
  • Speed was 18.1/20.6
  • Heart Rate was 135/158
  • Distance 18.
So what does all this mean, well yesterday I was just trying to stay in a low gear (gearing is big chainring/small chainring, there is a whole equation to break it down but I will stay away and make it simple), and spin at a 60+ cadence. My gearing was at most times set to 53/14, not bad but I was tired.


Activity Intensity Distance Duration Pace
Cycling Low 18 Miles 60 min able to hold a conversation


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