01/13/09 - Swim and LIFT

Well swam for a 50 min and it felt nice, I did a little over a mile and then did a 1200 pull set, seems like it is all coming back. Good thing this is only the build set. Then did a Kettlebell workout, 3 sets of:
One Arm Swings 10 (5 each)
One Arm Snatch 10 (5 each)
Military Press 10 each
Hand to Hand Swings (20)
Rows (10 each arm)


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By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Tuesday, January 13, 2009
At 7:54 PM


01/07/09 - Swim, Strength

1600 yards
400 pull set for strength
So got in the water, I am trying different things like eating breakfast and not jumping in the water at 5 am. So I waited had breakfast a coffee, and FRS Plus, I love this stuff. Then I headed to the pool, no one there, swam a easy 100 then went the full 1600, took a little longer than expected 30 min but after not swimming for 2 months not bad, then a 400 pull set. The swim felt good muscle a little tight and more stoke feels short, still a good swim. Then did a good set of kettlebells. Good day but tired.

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By HC Fitness and Technology Solutions
On Wednesday, January 7, 2009
At 4:12 PM